Monday, January 11, 2010

Political Apologies

Oh my goodness ! I was just listening to a politician apologizing to President Obama for some slam he made about him. It seems our politicians have become very good at apologizing. It's quite a change since we have come out of an administration that never apologized for anything (but probably should have). First, we had Obama apologizing for to the world for the United States' behavior. Then, Joe Biden had to make a quick apology for telling a man to stand up and take a bow (the man was wheelchair bound). Governor Sanford, who cheated on his wife, apologized to his constituents for his behavior. I never heard him apologize to his wife. Now Harry Reid is apologizing for comments he made about President Obama concerning his "light" complexion and his lack of a "Negro dialect"What the heck is that ?!?!?! Oh well...I apologize for venting so much. Oh no ! There I go. I apologize for apologizing. Aw shucks, it's catchy. Now I'm apologizing for my apology while whining about apologizing political apologists ! Grrrrr.

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vintage_soul88 said...

Ah Lori, you and I have had some interesting conversations about this topic. Yes, Obama seems to apologize a lot. Granted, it is refreshing to have an administration that will actually apologize for mistakes, especially since the previous administration rarely even acknowledged mistakes, let alone apologized for them. Still, I sometimes feel like Obama is trying to compensate for the Bush years, by apologizing for every little thing and by trying to appeal to both sides of the political spectrum. It takes a strong man to own up to mistakes and to try to work with the opposition. Obama overdoes it though and instead of coming off as a strong leader, he sometimes looks like an apologist and a fence-straddler. Of course, the problem with straddling the fence is that, eventually, you are destined to become sore ;).

As for Harry Reid, he needs to just shut his mouth. And I won't apologize for saying that.