Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Time For Everything

I guess there is a first time for everything. I've never done a blog before. Not even crazy about the word "blog". Sounds like "clog". "I'm writing in my clog today" HAHAHA! But I used to have a diary years ago when I was a kid. It was one of those five year jobbies where you could only write one sentence for each day. I lost interest very quickly. Much more happens in a day than one sentence at a time. I also thought I was the only one in the family who even kept a diary at all. Boy, was I surprised when my Grandma and I went up into her attic one day to get something and I found my Grandpa's old diary. It too was a five year diary but it was written in the middle 1930's when Grandpa was in the Mineral Springs Sanatorium in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. That's when I found out that Grandpa had suffered from TB (tuberculosis). Tuberculosis used to be called "consumption" or "the consumption".

Before I forget, there is a difference between a sanatorium and a sanitarium. A sanatorium was a place for people with TB. A sanitarium is a place for people with mental issues. Grandpa was healthy of mind, just not of the body. On this blog I am going to transcribe Grandpas diary exactly as he wrote it those many years ago. I will also add photos and try to identify, as well as I can, the many people he has included in his diary. He has referred to Grandma as "Honey" and his daughter (my mother Dorothy) as "Baby". But before I do, I should tell a little bit about him.

This is his photo taken circa 1902. George Anthony Preble was born to William and Augusta Werth Preble on October 28th, 1900 in Waterville, Le Sueur County, Minnesota and was raised in Shieldsville, Rice County, Minnesota. On October 23rd 1923, George married Christine Magdalene Kaderlik at the Most Holy Redeemer Church In Erin Township, Rice, Minnesota. In the late 1920's, George and Christine became foster parents to a little girl named Jeanette (Jeannie) who would later be adopted by a couple who moved to California. This was a heartache that stayed with them the rest of there lives although they always remained in contact with Jeannie.

In 1930, on March 10th, George and Christine were blessed with a child of their own. Christine gave birth to a little girl named Dorothy Jeanette Preble (left).
George and Christine lived on the farm with George's parents as well as working as waitress and a Texaco filling station mechanic. For any one who may not know what a filling station is, it is what a convenience store used to be. At a filling station, when you pulled up, a mechanic would come out and ask you if you wanted him to "fill'er up". Then while your gas tank was being filled he would check your tire pressure and fill them if they needed it, check your fluid levels and fill them if they needed it, wash your windshield, collect your money, and bring back your change. You would never have to leave your car or get your hands dirty. Your filling station would often also serve as your local automotive repair shop. You could also get free road maps there. They also sold soda pop and maybe a few snacks such as chips and candy bars. Very seldom, if ever, did they sell grocery items but I suppose that would depend on each station.
It was around 1937 that Grandpa was diagnosed with TB. In the front of the diary Grandpa wrote:
Birthday Gunderson Nov 24
Miller Mar 2
Cassebaum Aug 2
Ball pools 1937
Friday April 16 Mpls & KC 5 cents
Saterday April 17 " " 5 "
Monday April 19 " " 5 "
Tues " 20 " Milwaukee 5
Wens " 21 " " " 5
thur " 22 " KC 5
Friday " 23 " " 5
January 1st, 1938 Saterday temp 11 above zero.
1937 January 3 Sunday
Closed San to all visisiotors till flue is over
1937 January 8 Friday
got air Today temp 12 below zero
1937 January 9 Saterday
I got this Diary temp 15 Below zero
1937 January 10 Sunday
temp 16 below zero in the Morning
" 5 above in the evening
No company today
1937 January 11 Monday
temp 15 above zero
got a letter from My honey
Fond the kidnap Matson boy dead
1937 January 12 Tuesday
Temp 14 above zero
I got letter from my honey
1937 January 13 Wensday
Temp 26 above zero
1937 January 14 thursday
temp 14 above zero
I got a head wash
1937 January 15 Friday
temp 12 below zero
got a letter from my honey

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